"Offering comprehensive people development consultancy activities"
"It is only as we develop others that we permanently succeed" – Harvey S. Firestone

In Industry, the work environment is constantly evolving to assimilate new technologies and this fosters new processes. On-the-job learning that is not supplemented by professions skills training, generally results in less than optimum performance. The cumulative result of underperformance impacts negatively on production, and ultimately on the organization's bottom line. 

In the Services Industry, there is the additional factor of 'soft skills' that serve to lubricant commercial transactions, and generally distinguish 'customer-centric' organizations from others that are not.

More often than not, corporate personnel need to be taught how to interact with their customers to achieve positive outcomes from their engagements. 

Corporate training worldwide focuses on People Development and it has become essential in these competitive times to differentiate ourselves from the rest in the market place.

At Trainerz, we believe that Training  must be part of an Organization's Growth and Developement Strategy.  The training offered in an organization must be holistic, and should be linked not just to future operations needs, but must also include training the workforce to satisfy their Customers' buying experiences. A combination of both types of training is required if the Organization want to ensure long- term success in developing the business. Which is why we at Trainerz profess; Training has to be "Proactive" rather than "Reactive".

Trainerz work's as your Strategic partners in identifying your Organization's Learning & Development needs. We have a three phased approach to training.

  1. We start by conducting a Process and Business improvement studies that identify the short, medium and long term training requirements of each different cadre in your Organization.
  2. The process moves on to the development of a customized training plan for your organziation that address both the 'hard' job skills and the 'soft' customer / stakeholder type relationship management skills. 
  3. The implementation phase is the delivery of the appropriate trainings to the personnel by professional instructors from our own Trainerz resources supplemented (if required) by other professionals leased locally or from abroad to deliver the training.

The  training may be delivered by an instructor on site, or by an instructor in the classroom, or in classroom by remote access instructor, or online by Cumputer based Training (CBT).  Trainerz objective is to always deliver the best quality of training efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Trainerz in Kuwait is an extension of TEAM'S India (Trainerz for Excellence & Advanced Management Studies, India)

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