Corporate Gifts & Giveaways

Corporate Gifts are a marketing communications tool that show current Customers that you appreciate their patronage, and remind them of the relationship your organization shares with them. When given to potential customers, the gifts become an invitation to try your products and services. In both instances, the Corporate Gifts represent your Brand, so gift quality is important. Wafaa Gifts identifies with these sentiments and offers you a choice of trendy gift items that reflect your consistent commitment to customer relationship, and represent that your Brand is an established market force.

As Wafaa Gifts we are involved in the entire Gifting experience, from the quality of the selection to the details of the presentation. Our value adding role is that we painstakingly oversee  that every aspect of the supply chain is aligned so as to contribute to the creation of your Brand Ambassador.

For selections for premium customers we offer you our consultation service for choosing the right gifts.  We take care of everything including sourcing value for money gift items, dressing them in your proper Corporate colours and appropriate packagings, and delivering them in pristine condition and in the right quantities. The common objective of our collaboration being, to impress and excite your receipiant customers.

Please contact us for assistance in the realization of your great gift ideas. We are committed to seeing you experience the joys of Gift giving, and of receiving the admiration and appreciative gratitude of your Customers. Wafaa Gifts are truely a worthy investment towards achieving your business goals.

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