MD's Message

August 2022

Rohit Mirchandani: “Great challenges also present great opportunities”

Now in its 6th decade, Raja Group of Companies stands firmly upon the strong foundations of commercial success, work ethics, and traditional values, laid by my late father, Mr. Govind Mirchandani. I take this opportunity to commend his business acumen, grit, and tenacity, which created Raja General Stores in 1961. I thank him for his courage, our family for their support, and the Raja Group’s personnel team for their complete dedication to the cause of growing the company. These are the cornerstones of Raja Group’s success. The acknowledgments would not be complete without thanking our patrons and customers for their unflinching loyalty.

Raja Group’s positive standing in Kuwait has challenged me to replicate this success in the UAE and beyond. So, I am pleased to inform you that since 2019, Raja Group has established itself in UAE to continue its ability to service and logistically support its customers in the Middle East and North African Subcontinent. 

Our world today is at a climate and environmental crossroads. However, great challenges also present great opportunities. Raja Group is actively exploring new technologies, innovations, and solutions, and is also keen to partner with organizations that develop renewable energy solutions, and environmental sustainability solutions. 

In the technology era, Raja Group is a strong proponent of IoT (Internet of Things) and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and AR (Augment Reality). As an Odoo agent, Raja Group is revamping its business processes and will soon offer its expertise to other business organizations to assist them with tomorrows’ products and services requirements and challenges. 

I draw inspiration from looking back along the road we have journeyed in overcoming the recent Covid-19 pandemic, and earlier, the invasion of Kuwait. Our fortitude, and the goodwill of our customers, friends, and well-wishers, have enabled Raja Group to emerge stronger and more confident each time. With this in mind, I say to my children and the extended Raja Group workforce family: clarity of thought, hard work, and faith in the Divine will always lift us above any challenges. Combine that with our tradition to give back to the community, and the Raja Group will continue to earn and celebrate more than commercial success. 


Shalesh G. Mirchandani (Rohit)
Managing Director
Custodian of Raja Group of Companies for the next generation