IT and Marketing Services

Established in 2003 as the IT support wing for Raja Company, MicroSolutions Kuwait soon began to attract its own clientele as word of the quality of their work and timely delivery spread. Today the MircroSolutions Kuwait Divison of Raja Company has evolved into a full fledged IT company that offers services as Software developmentE-Commerce Solutions, Web Design, Mobile Applications Development (hybrid model), Hosting services, Brand development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing. New Technologies include IoT and IIoT Solutions for medium and large Corporations.  The objective is to consistently provide high performance solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner to todays discerning clientele.

Our promise is our commitment to meet or exceed expectations in every customer engagement, and we are able to provide best-of-breed solutions to our customers by adhering to  well-defined and well-managed quality processes, and best practices standards.

Our primary asset, and one that we provide to every MicroSolutions customer, is access to our vast pool of professionally qualified, and skilled human resources. Our software developers combine their multiple platform skills, and rich domain experience in various industry segments, to deliver online solutions that match and often exceed customer expectations. Year after year, 90 percent of our clients choose MicroSolutions for repeated success  or to expand their business

Effective Corporate Identity creation, and creative design work, is the basis for all our Branding projects. Often it has been our attention to minute details has contributed to the superior performance of our solutions.  

Marketing is essential to achieving business success – and for your every requirement, MicroSolutions has an inspired solution. So whether your business is looking to establish a consistent Brand Image, or to coduct a  Publicity Campaign using printed advertising material, targeted email, or viral email campaigns that are supported by a constant stream of communication with your clients, or even if you are looking for a cost-effective campaign for a new product, we are able to assist you with creative original ideas, and a wide variety of communication mediums. 

MicroSolution is able to handle entire mixed media marketing campaigns for E-commerce B2B and B2C sites, and for off line businesses as well. By making our solutions scaleable and modular, we are able to tailor our solutions to every budget. We excel at delivering eye catching web designs,  interactive experiences, and creative promotional material and printed advertising material – the objective is to make our promotional campaigns Attention Grabbing and Exciting. 

At MicroSolutions we design websites that communicate your organization's strengths to your clients, and target potential clients too. The art of achieving the perfect balance between design and user friendliness is one we take very seriously. As further proof of our capabilities, we request that you please examin our clientele portfolio for samples of the successful websites we have created to date. 

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As MicroSolutions grows in capability, we are adding new business lines to our core online focus. Our customers now approach us for robust Web Hosting solutions, and years ago, Raja Company requested MicroSolutions to provide Corporate Gifts suitable for Raja to present to its varied customer base. Today  MicroSolutions has evolved this opportunity into a competitive business that sustains a satisfied clientle as Banks, Money Exchanges, Oil & Gas Companies, and other public and private organizations. Please contact us to view our latest samples of gifts and novelties. 

MicroSolutions is also pioneering the nacent Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and its application on an Industrial (IIoT) scale. As our clients' requirements evolve, MicroSolutions is ushering in a new generation of  technology that may seem to border on science fiction simply because it is indeed inspired by highly Advanced Scientific Research, and Space Program applications. A challange to ourselves is to increase the breadth and scope of our technology offerings to enable us to service market segments as diverse as Aviation and Travel, Safety and Security, Heavy Industry, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Logistics, Entertainment and Leisure, Manufacturing, Retailing, Transportation, Wholesaling, and several others. 

What we will commit to retaining is our Honesty, Dedication and Hardwork. Our motivation is being able to hand over the torch of knowledge, the quest for improvement, the wisdom of experience, and the ethics of service, to the next generation.