MD's Message

Welcome to Raja Company.

When my late father founded what was then Raja General Store and Trading Company in 1962, he may not have anticipated the variety of Divisions that come under the Raja Company umbrella today.

I have made particular effort to diversify the business lines in the company, this is to ensure that we are in every relevant segment of the market, and to develop a truly multi-tasking workforce that is nimble and responsive to market trends. The only constant in our markets today is change. The key word here is ‘Change’ and Raja Company is a firm believer in adapting and innovating and reinventing itself to keep pace with the times. These are the skills that have taken us from perfumes to Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), and from website development and hosting to IIoT capabilities.  

Today we stand tall and ready to face the future with confidence. The path to this pinnacle was eased by my father’s fortitude, and later his guidance, and now his blessings.  Success is also owed to the team of professionals that serve with me at Raja, and continuously contribute to our growth, and who remain our most valuable asset.

Three objectives drive me today, to always focus on customers’ requirements, to continue to evolve our offering to the market with particular attention to new technologies, to grow without compromising our ethics and traditional inclinations to give back to the community at every opportunity.  

Our children are our future and they are entitled to a great education, a greener environment, and healthy lifestyles. These will only happen if we set the right course today at home and at work. At Raja Company we are determined to deliver on these commitments.


Shalesh G. Mirchandani (Rohit)
Managing Director