Divisions & Associates

It is with great pride that we bring in 2013 with celebrations of the 53 glorious years of the Raja Group, dedicated to our Father and Founder Late Mr. Govind T. Mirchandani. It all started in 1952 when our founder (Late Mr. Govind Mirchandani) first set foot on a boat and arrived Kuwait from India after an eight day journey.

Nine years later a vision and dream was realized and Raja Stores & General Trading Company W.l.l. was conceived in 1961. Raja Stores flourished and was indeed one of the most well known Departmental stores in the State of Kuwait during it's time. Boasting of the latest in Gifts and Toys, Perfumes, Clothing, Audio, Video and Book Libraries, Tailoring etc. Difficulties were faced such as the invasion of Kuwait in 1990, however as Jean de la Bruyere rightly said "Out of difficulties grow miracles".

The group hereafter continued to grow, diversifying it's activities into Industrial Safety and Hardware, Food & Beverages, Restaurants, Contracting, IT & Marketing Services, Training Etc. Doing it Right with Honesty is no Doubt challenging, and we plan to continue expanding and growing our Father and Founder's Dream, Vision and Mission - Exerting every effort possible in a professional way to reach to the highest of heights in the years to come.....

We are proud of our Heritage and the Goodwill that we have earned the past Fifty years and we wish to thank all our Patrons and Well Wishers for all their support all this time. Allow us to also Thank all of our employees of the Group (who too are family) for their efforts in assisting us realize our Founder's dream and Let us continue to March forward in further development of the business, in creating more jobs, helping the needy - not ever forgetting most importantly our Social Responsibility as a Business!